MedAir®, Inc. has become the industry leader in serving the air quality needs of healthcare facilities in negative and positive pressure isolation rooms. Since 1992, MedAir® Air Purification Systems have helped the nation's most respected medical, correctional and military facilities provide the safest possible environment for their patients and personnel. MedAir® systems can effectively reduce the levels of harmful airborne contaminants and pathogens, including tuberculosis. Over 200 facilities in 33 states have chosen MedAir®.

Patented Technology for Isolation Rooms

The patented MedAir® Air Purification System offers the most advanced technology to serve the critical needs of negative and positive pressure isolation rooms. Employing its innovative source capture capability, the MedAir® System is positioned on the wall above the patient's bed and creates an envelope of constantly moving air into the device inlet. As the patient breathes, the airborne pathogens are captured by the MedAir® System, irradiated by a safely concealed UV germicidal lamp and then drawn through a HEPA-PlusTM filter before being exhausted from the isolation room. MedAir® Isolation Room Management System provides 24-hour continuous electronic monitoring and control, including digital and visual alarms, a digital pressure display and a keylock switch all from a remote location in the hallway outside of the patient room.

Full Compliance with CDC and OSHA

MedAir® Air Purification Systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed CDC guidelines and OSHA regulations for Tuberculosis control. The System is designed to achieve at least 12 air changes per hour (ACH) at low speed and 20 ACH at high speed, while maintaining the required pressure differentials. Our technicians will provide on-site testing and certification of compliance for each MedAir® System that is installed, and will be available to recertify on an annual basis. You can breathe easily knowing that your patients and staff are well protected.

Custom Designed to Fit Each Room

The staff at MedAir®, Inc. work closely with facility engineers, architects and building consultants to assure that each room is equipped with the right system. Each MedAir® Air Purification System is built to specification to perform at the highest degree of efficiency within the context of the roomTMs specific characteristics and constraints. The MedAir® System is easily integrated into the existing HVAC system, creating a fully functional and safe isolation room while avoiding the need for costly reconstruction or retrofitting of the facilitys existing system. A typical MedAir® System can be fully installed within a day.

A Wide Range of Products and Services

To meet the challenging and diverse needs of the facilities we serve, we offer a wide range of MedAir® models. Depending on your functional, aesthetic and engineering needs, we have the right product for you. Among the many product options are the following:
  • Wall-mounted Source Capture Units, installed behind and above the patient's bed, with an optional Hill-Rom light;
  • Ceiling-mounted units, installed above the ceiling with only an intake grille visible from the room;
  • In-wall systems, installed inside a wall with only the intake grille visible from room;
  • Ceiling-mounted units for positive pressure isolation rooms;
  • In-line systems, mounted above the ceiling and not visible from patient room;
  • Wall-mounted Source Capture Units for correction facilities, with a stainless steel access cover and tamper-resistant screws;
  • In-line systems with fan coils to provide heating and cooling capabilities in addition to HEPA filtration.

These product types also come with a range of options regarding remote electronic monitoring, airflow capacity, and duct connections.

In addition to designing and manufacturing MedAir® Systems to meet specification, MedAir, Inc. provides a number of complementary services:
  • Design reviews
  • Annual maintenance and certification services
  • Filter and UV lamp replacements
  • Isolation room engineering evaluations
  • A Wide Range of Applications

MedAir® Air Purification Systems have been used by more than 200 healthcare and correctional facilities across the country in a wide range of applications.

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